Bubbles Bible

If you’re looking for someone who will grade champagnes out of 100 and share clever but complex tasting notes… you are in the WRONG place!

I could no sooner “grade” champagnes than I could rate my friends, family or lover out of ten. (OK… maybe I have been known to rate lovers out of ten).

My ‘bubbles bible’ recommendations are based on my own tasting experiences and I am more likely to match the champagne to a mood or a music style, an occasion or season, a budget or even a celebrity!

I’ve compared champagnes to my past relationships (short-lived), Audrey Hepburn (classy as hell!), Jack Johnson (chilled out beach tunes), The Hilltop Hoods (in your face summer music festival vibe), Idris Elba (sexy as F$%^), Adele (rolling in the deep), and often in terms of my mum and dad’s reaction.

So get reading and get tasting, tell me what you think, argue back or ask me anything (email me).