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Champagne Brimoncourt Extra Brut

About Champagne Brimoncourt

When I met Champagne Brimoncourt Australian Brand Ambassador, François Crémière, a little while ago he offered me a tasting of the full range.

While we were tasting he gave me some inside info about the house and ALL its champagnes which you can read over here on my blog.

But this was my favourite from the range which François describes as like fireworks – an explosion of flavours.

Champagne Brimoncourt Extra Brut 

Brimoncourt’s tasting notes for the Champagne Brimoncourt Extra Brut 

Because who could know the wine better than them!

Nose… Fine and intense nose with notes of citrus and white fruits.

Mouth… The attack is forthright, frank and full. The aromas of citrus fruits are in perfect harmony with the minerality of the wine and they go on in a splendid lingering finish.

Brimoncourt Extra Brut

Food pairing 

With its outstanding freshness, this wine is excellent for an apéritif. It is also ideal with shellfish and iodine flavours. It will complement Japanese and Korean cuisine particularly well just as it will enhance spicy undertones

My verdict 

In a word (my word)… I’m home (OK that’s two words). This is my fave of the Brimoncourt range… no surprise as I am a pinot lover from way back.

My moment or mood…  I am trying to think of a mood or occasion NOT to drink this champagne. My first reaction was wow just how happy and at home I felt drinking this. My ultimate style of champagne is high pinot and low dosage… which is exactly what this champagne is so it makes sense that I felt good drinking it. It’s impressive in its complex profile but has a delicate and elegant freshness. When I was talking about that with François, he reminded me that Brimoncourt thinks of champagne as a short and refreshing moment of entertainment, used to celebrate the every day and as being a wine of fun and lightness. And that really shines in this champagne.

Trying the Extra Brut alongside the Brut Régence is a fantastic way to discover the differences because the blends are the exact opposite of each other. It is a really clear way to learn to pick chardonnay from pinot notes in a champagne… and to tell brut from extra brut.

The tech stuff for the champagne nerds…

Blend –  80% Pinot noir and 20% Chardonnay, from six villages classified as Grand Cru (Aÿ, Ambonnay, Bouzy, Oger, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Cramant).

Dosage 2g/l

Time on lees 5 years

Where to buy it

You can buy the Champagne Brimoncourt Extra Brut from selected Vintage Cellars for $110 and $94.99 from Emperor Champagne.

I’ve also written about Champagne Brimoncourt in a bunch of my posts… #ICYMI check these out below.

Let me know what you think of Champagne Brimoncourt! Have you met François Crémière in your champagne travels? Make sure you post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #happychamper #champagnefan 

Wine tasting is a subjective and personal experience. What I smell and taste will be different to what you smell and taste. It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong but I enjoy sharing my experience and would love to hear yours. Even if you respectfully disagree.

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