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Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence

About Champagne Brimoncourt

When I met Champagne Brimoncourt Australian Brand Ambassador, François Crémière, a little while ago he offered me a tasting of the full range.

While we were tasting he gave me some inside info about the house and ALL its champagnes which you can read over here on my blog.

I like François. You can easily tell why when he told me what he really likes about champagne is that it is such a joyful wine.

“I love observing people reactions when they are poured a glass of champagne, smiling faces and millions of stars in the eyes. There is no doubt that champagne brings happiness.”

And what he had to say about the Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence was that is was so drinkable!

“I can easily drink a bottle on my own……!”

François is my kind of guy. And Champagne Brimoncourt is my kind of wine! So let’s find out more about it!

Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence

Brimoncourt’s tasting notes for the Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence 

Because who could know the wine better than them!

Brimoncourt Brut Regence

Nose… The dominant Chardonnay feature creates a delicate, subtle and very elegant bouquet. It reveals white flower aromas and charming fruity notes thanks to the Pinot Noir. The open and flexible attack on the palate blooms with slightly toasted aromas of white peach. Its affirmed minerality gives it distinction and nobility.

Mouth… The first freshness in the mouth is tempered by the fruit of Pinot Noir structuring the wine. A perfectly balanced champagne, without heaviness or excessive sweetness. Soft notes lit up with fine and silky bubbles.

Food pairing 

Its fineness and elegance call for sharing. Best savoured on a lime and sea bass tartare, a langoustine ceviche, a poached turbot with mousseline sauce, melting scallops on braised leeks and of course and above all, as a shared aperitif.

My verdict 

In a word (my word)… BOLD.

Bold was my first reaction to trying the Brut Régence…  long before François told me the Brimoncourt story (catch up on that here). 80% chardonnay is a really different blend from the main-stream brands we’re used to… I don’t know that I’ve ever tried another 80/20 blend actually.)

The mood or moment… Any of them! When friends drop by, or just because it’s a day that ends in Y and I feel like a champs. Pre-dinner with cheese = perfection! By itself just for fun – definitely!

One of my go-to summer champs has always been Taittinger Brut Reserve. It has a lot of chardonnay in it and every time I drink a bottle of Taittinger, I imagine a soundtrack of Jack Johnson playing in the background. It’s that chilled out, happy, relaxed, gentle and easy smooth summer vibe.

If Taittinger is like a Jack Johnson tune, Brimoncourt is more like listening to Hilltop Hoods at a summer music festival. Still summer, just a bit more in your face than Jack Johnson.

I am a huge fan of this house and they are huge fans of Australia. I actually asked Francois what his favourite thing was about living in Australia and he told me it was the toughest question I asked him – there was so much to love. But he rated the aussie mindset, the weather and… our wines!!

There is a lot about the Brimoncourt attitude that suits Australia so I think we should watch for a lot more from this team of lively creative winemakers and marketers… I think they are gearing up to take Aussie champ fans by storm!

The tech stuff for the champagne nerds…

Blend – 80% Chardonnay and 20% pinot noir.

Dosage 6g/l

Time on lees 3-4 years

Where to buy it

You can buy the Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence from Emperor Champagne online for $87.99 or selected Vintage Cellars for $85.

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Let me know what you think of Champagne Brimoncourt! Have you met François Crémière in your champagne travels? Make sure you post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #happychamper #champagnefan 

Wine tasting is a subjective and personal experience. What I smell and taste will be different to what you smell and taste. It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong but I enjoy sharing my experience and would love to hear yours. Even if you respectfully disagree.

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