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Champagne Duperrey Rosé Brut

Champagne Duperrey Rosé Brut

My hairdresser has a system to classify dates… My favourite is the “Nice guy… but he’s never going to see me naked” category.

Champagne Duperrey Rosé Brut for me is a bit like that guy… but in a good way! You haven’t met the love of your life or that super-sexy danger-man who gets your pulse racing but I love it when I find a bloody good value, enjoyable champagne option you can take to parties and introduce to your mum.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Because just like you can’t expect every guy you ever date to rock your world (that would be exhausting not to mention inevitably disappointing… hang on, that really does sound like my relationship history lol), not every champagne has to be a mind-blowing, taste-bud climaxing, scene-stealer (that would get very expensive!).

Some days I want to drop $150 on a champagne (and then I probably do expect the earth to move a little bit) and some days I just want to spend $40 on a nice drop that will please everyone.

I did a little road-test with Duperrey Rosé Brut…. so let’s look at our dating history.

I first met Duperrey Rosé Brut at work

Yep… I first popped this drop at a work thing. It was actually an office-wide Christmas decorating comp, the CEO was the judge, and – quite frankly – I was blatantly bribing him with champagne. My team had a pink theme and I was put in charge of “bribes and inducements”. On a very limited work team budget, I deliberately picked the cheapest rosé (but still champagne) I could find at Dan Murphys.

To set the scene, my (former) CEO is a specialist doctor whose wine cellar is probably bigger than my last apartment! And my (marketing) team were mostly sav blanc drinkers – God knows I tried to convert them!!! So when the champs was poured and Dr D didn’t spit it out (he probably would have if I told him how much it cost haha!) I was very pleasantly surprised. I tried it myself and enjoyed it too…. and when the team drank the left-overs and they ALL asked if there was more, it looked like I had found a crowd pleaser!

Road testing the rosé

Next stop on the road test for this was at Christmas Eve drinks with my family. My Mum (my mum’s champs cred is she drinks anything I offer her and her rating system varies from “It’s OK” to “I like that”), my sister-in-law (whom I have converted to full-blown champs-snobbery) and her mum (not a big drinker) – they all loved it.

Then I took it again to an Australia Day party with friends who are all champs fans (half of them traveled with me to Champagne for my 40th), but none of them are rosé fans (the opposite in fact). They usually ignore my rosé champs and opt to open something else so I was quite prepared (and happy) to enjoy this on my own but the French was in short supply (it was Australia Day) so they all enjoyed it so I had to share.

With a 100% success rate from a test-market of 15-20 it’s fair to say this is a cheap and cheery winner. It is still one of the most economical rosé options going around…. but if the taste wasn’t up to scratch, I wouldn’t be telling you about it… so have a go. And let me know what you think.

The blend doesn’t include a lot of detail about the blend but there is enough to know it is a blended rosé and while the colour is very intense, I can clearly pick up cherries but it is a surprising subtle, smooth and enjoyable rosé. The brand is actually specially produced and imported for Dan Murphy’s in Australia.. it is made by GH Martel, who actually produce what I call “the Dan Murphy’s Collection. On a recent trip to Champagne I had a tour and tasting which I will be sharing very soon!

GH Martel

Try this champs and let me know what you think! Make sure you post a pic and tag bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #happychamper

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