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Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut

Like the flowers that adorn their bottles, Perrier-Jouët is a delicate and fresh floral wine. Instantly recognisable for the stunning and spiralling spray of Japanese anemones painted on its bottles and glasses, Perrier-Jouët embraces beauty and art and a touch of whimsy in champagne. Every time I take a sip of any Perrier-Jouët I am transported to the garden at Maison Belle Époque in Epernay. Imagine sitting in a quiet garden on a perfect spring day, with blossoms in full bloom. 

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Tasting Notes

Bubble & Flute Review 

In a word... springtime.

In a sentence… A mix of light zesty fruits and gentle, sweet florals with a hint of honey the Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is elegant and floral, and subtle and sensual.

Moment or mood… Garden party.  The Grand Brut is the perfect aperitif, to serve anytime from brunch to sunset.

Where to buy it… all good wine retailers. Expect to pay about $80 a bottle.  

*Bubble & Flute Champagne Style – Fresh & Crisp 

Wine Expert Reviews 

Wine Advocate… A pleasant, mid-weight champagne that slowly shows lovely complexity. Suggestions of smoke, roasted nuts and light honey add character to a generous core of ripe yellow fruit. The wine offers excellent overall balance and poised finish.

Tyson Stelzer… a clean, lively and fresh blend that presents red apple and lemon amidst well-structured, finely mineral salt texture. Mandarin citrus notes reflect the warm 2015 season. Bottle age has built subtle gingernut biscuit notes and a creamy structure. Kudos to Deschamps for dispelling the dusty dryness and phenolic grip of the past. 91 points

Tasting notes from Perrier-Jouët Champagne

Eye… A pale and sparkling yellow robe, suggestive of vivacity 

Nose… The Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is delicate, elegant and balanced. The striking freshness and vivacity of the floral and fruity fragrances (yellow fruits and fresh fruits) take root, before giving way to subtle notes of vanilla and butter, lending the wine a fruity and consistent character. The notes of cherry plum, lemon and bergamot orange emerge first, then make way for the flowers of fruit trees, such as lime and honeysuckle. These are followed by notes of butter, madeleine cakes and vanilla sugar. Lingering notes of grapefruit, white peaches, green pears, apple trees and green hazelnuts round off the taste.

Palate… Ampleness and vivacity balance out in the mouth, developing into a flavour of round and vinous elegance. A fresh, balanced champagne with a long finish. Its flavours are best revealed between 7 and 9°.

Food pairings… can be matched with dishes such as carpaccio of fish or white meats. Its lively vivacity works well with crisp vegetables and tofu.

“I describe Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut as a chameleon cuvée. It has the substance and the personality to adapt to any situation, from an aperitif to a main course of white meat or fish in a creamy sauce.”

Séverine Frerson, Cellar Master, Perrier-Jouët

The Technical Details

The Blend

40% Pinot Noir

40% Meunier

20% Chardonnay

Blended from 50 – 70 crus (including grand crus, premier crus and crus) 

Dosage – 9 g/l 

Aged – for 3 years on lees

Reserve wines – 12 – 20% reserve wines, which may be up to nine years old.

Annual Production – approx. 2 million bottles

You can read more on the Perrier-Jouët website… I particularly love their artistic collaborations.

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*Bubble & Flute Champagne Style Guide

After more than a decade of champagne tastings with everyone from beginners to fully-fledged champs-snobs, I have developed a theory that everyone has a basic, favourite style of champagne they’ll always choose over everything else.

I have developed my Bubble & Flute Champagne Style to reveal your champagne style and suggest more champagnes to try, based on your style, that I think you are totally going to love!

Once you know your champagne style you will visit wine shops or shop online feeling more confident and comfortable selecting new champagnes because you know and understand what style of champagnes you like most.

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