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Laherte Frères Ultradition NV

Laherte Frères Ultradition NV

I’ve been enjoying more than my fair share of Laherte Frères champagnes lately and one of my fave wine bars was serving the Laherte Frères Ultradition NV by the glass which made it so easy to try… and re-try :-).

The Laherte Frères Ultradition NV is 60% meunier, 30% chardonnay, and 10% pinot noir with 40% reserve wines and 4.5g/l dosage. ⠀
The Laherte Frères Ultradition NV
In my most recent tasting, I tried the Laherte Frères Ultradition NV after the Laherte Frères Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature (see that story here) which definitely amplified the fruitiness compared to my memories of the Ultradition NV when I’ve tried it on its own.

Tasting a Blanc de blancs versus a meunier-dominated champagne will do that.

Which serves as a good reminder when you are exploring and learning about wines, tasting in a multi-wine tasting is hands-down the best way to compare different elements side by side because they will stand out more. ⠀

But it can bias your experience of each wine. Unless you really don’t enjoy something you try in a tasting, always give it a go on its own. If you are even a little bit into wine, write notes because (if you’re like me) when you taste a lot, you will forget. There are apps you can use for making wine notes or you can just snap a pic and use google photos to add a note about it.⠀

The Laherte Frères Ultradition NV is a REALLY good quality champagne for its price point. You can taste character that you just won’t see from the big brands that you can get at roughly the same price. (And I need to take my own advice and write notes next time I drink this 😜)⠀

The Blend – 60% meunier, 30% chardonnay and 10% pinot noir (with 40% reserve wines)

Dosage – 4.5 g/l

Terroir – Vallée de la Marne and Coteaux Sud d’Epernay.

Have you tried the Laherte Freres Ultradition NV? If you have let me know what you think! Or let me know what you are popping – post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute  #happychamper   

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