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Hi. I’m Marnie, Chief Champagne Fan, Coach and Blogger at Bubble & Flute

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I started Bubble & Flute to build a posse of happy champers (just like you) to share the love of champagne with.

I keep my blog jam-packed with so much FREE champagne news, info, and updates it’s one of the top-ranking champagne blogs on the planet. My Champagne School is a great place for you to poke around if you want to get a bit geeky about your champs…. you’ll be impressing your posh wine-snob friends with your champagne super-powers in no time!  

And my Bubble & Flute merch shop is packed with champagne fan merchandise for champagne lovers. Fun and casual fashion for women and men who can’t get enough champagne in their lives.

So follow me on my socials, subscribe to my emails, or book me to host a private champagne tasting ‘coz I’ve got your champagne-loving journey covered. Even if you only use your newfound champs-savvy to impress your date or feel smug at dinner with the in-laws.

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