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Man drinking champagne from the bottle

How To Open A Bottle Of Champagne… The Fancy Way

I love a loud pop when I open a bottle of champagne…. but have you ever noticed that when your waiter is opening a bottle of champagne in fancy restaurants, they do it kinda quietly?

That’s because there is a way to open a bottle of champagne without the POP!

In this video you can watch how to open a bottle of champagne and learn… then go back to a fun, loud POP like I do!

How to open a bottle of champagne 

My attitude is pretty relaxed… there is really no right or wrong way to open a bottle of champagne… however you get that cork out, get popping and get pouring!

But in nice restaurants and bars, you barely hear anything when they open a bottle of champagne because they actually apply a specific technique.

In fact I’ve heard it described as when you open a bottle of champagne the sound you hear should be “no louder than the gentle sigh of a contented woman”.

Now I don’t know where that guy’s from – and I’m sure it’s a guy who said that – but I like the pop, and I like some drama!

And I often actually find it difficult to use this technique because I don’t have very strong hands.

But here’s how to open a bottle of champagne the fancy way


Remove the foil so you reveal the cap, the cork and the cage around the cork.

The you want to twist the side of the wire six and a half turns to undo the wire around the cork.


Now instead of turning the cork (which most of us do when we take the cork out of the champagne bottle)…. you’re meant to hold the cork in place and turn the bottle.

Now the problem with this can be like I said earlier, I don’t always have the strength to turn the bottle, but I can manage it most of the time.

Extra tips for opening a bottle of champagne

  1. No matter how much of a pop I like when I’m opening a bottle of champagne, I always keep my thumb over the top of the bottle. I’ve seen dozens of corks pop without any human intervention and trust me when I warn you that they hurt when they land!
  2. I always hold the bottle on a 45-degree angle. Because there’s always a little bit of air collected in the top of the bottle. If you hold the bottle pointing straight, the air collects in the top of the bottle, right under the cork and that’s where the pressure builds up. But if you hold it on an angle, the air collects at the curve between where the body becomes the neck and there is less pressure directly under the cork so you’re less likely to get an unexpected pop!

But however you get your cork out, I say you’re winning because you end up with a beautiful glass of champagne!

Next time you’re opening a bottle of champagne, why not try turning the bottle rather than the cork and see how you go opening a bottle of champagne the fancy way!

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