The Bubble & Flute shop is packed with champagne fan merchandise for champagne lovers. Fun and casual fashion for women and men who can’t get enough champagne in their lives.

I have found a lot of online shops have just one style and they are mostly a ‘unisex’ design and the fit is usually awful on ladies! So I have spent six months pulling together a collection of women’s and men’s clothes that will suit most body shapes and personal styles.

I like a v-neck and a slim fit but I have included plenty of options with round necks, super-snug fits and more relaxed fits. Check out my style personal guides for my women’s t-shirt and hoodie collections.  

I have tested everything in my collections for fit, comfort and style before adding them to my collections so please read my recommendations on each product to find the style that’s right for you. 

I will add styles and designs to the shop regularly so email me your ideas and feedback!   



Champagne Gold

Rosé collection


The Designs