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Top Beach Champagnes

My Top Five Beach Champagnes!

The inspo for my top five beach champagnes is clear.

I live at Burleigh Heads on Gold Coast, where we have some of the most amazing beaches in the world and there are many, many, many champagnes that pair perfectly with the beach.

The hard part is limiting it to just FIVE!

My Top Five Beach Champagnes

When it comes to beach champagnes, there is no need to over-think it.

You want to have fun in the sun and keep cool so chardonnay will lead the way. And you are not going to want to break the bank or order a special limited edition in just for the occasion. So I have picked pretty accessible champagnes… two of them are harder to get but still not that hard (you can order them online for next day delivery or I know I can pick them up in at least 4 local wine shops.

BONUS HOT TIP – Drinking champagne from plastic glasses takes all the champagne taste away from the champagne. You might as well be drinking lemonade so if you are on the beach (and it’s legal and safe to do so, of course) take any old glass glasses along with you to drink from. Because even though I said I didn’t overthink these champagnes, even a basic NV champagne will taste terrible in plastic.

1. Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne NV

Champagne Taittinger

Consumed on location in Hawaii!

Taittinger is a house known for a big chardie style.

The blend for this NV is 40% chardonnay, 35% pinot noir and 25% pinot meunier making it very lively, fresh and citrus-ey.

And perfect for a hot summer day because of its fresh, citrus vibe.

Every time I drink a bottle of Taittinger I imagine a soundtrack of Jack Johnson playing in the background. It’s that chilled out, happy, relaxed, gentle and easy smooth summer vibe.

You can buy Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne pretty much anywhere… Dan Murphy’s stocks it for $61.95.

2. Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Regence NV

Champagne Brimoncourt

From @brimoncourt_australia instagram account

A newer brand in Australia, Brimoncourt has fast become one of my fave summer champs.

The blend for the Brimoncourt Brut Regence is 80% chardonnay (and 20% pinot noir) so it’s still very fresh but a bit bolder than the Taittinger.

If Taittinger is like a Jack Johnson tune, Brimoncourt is more like listening to Hilltop Hoods at a summer music festival. Still summer, just a bit more in your face than Jack Johnson.

You can read more about Champagne Brimoncourt here or catch my full review of the Brut Regence here.

Vintage Cellars stocks the Brut Regence for $85 or try specialty wine shops like Emperor Champagne.

3. Laherte Frères Blanc De Blancs Brut Nature

Laherte Frères Blanc De Blancs Brut Nature

Back in February I wrote a post about my top five fantasy dates for Valentine’s Day and the champagnes we’d pop. I have a Mick Fanning crush so he was on that list and his champagne was the Laherte Freres Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature. 

And there’s nothing more beachy than an imaginary date with Mick Fanning.

I matched him with this brut nature (no sugar added) blanc de blancs (100% chardonnay). It’s dry, fresh, salty and chalky, a surfie champagne for sure.

Even without Mick Fanning, this champagne at sunset on the beach with fish and chips …. GOLD!

Read more about Laherte Freres on their website and order their wines from Prince Wine Store.

4. Champagne Ayala Blancs De Blancs 2010

Champagne Ayala Blancs De Blancs 2010

Thanks for the photo @champagne_leesh (instagram) Alisia Staltari, republished with permission.

The Champagne Ayala Blancs de Blancs 2010 is produced in small quantities in exceptional years only and fully expresses the superb calibre of great Chardonnay from the best crus of the Côte des Blancs.

After 6 years ageing in the cellars, remarkable minerality and low dosage (6g/l) make this an outstanding wine that can accompany BEACH.

My Instgram buddy Alisia DID have this champagne at the beach for her birthday and gave it rave reviews as a beach bubbly.

A little bit floral, with delicate aromas of frangipani (very tropical and beachy) and a lemon twist. YUM!

All of the Ayala champagnes are actually chardonnay driven, and you can read about my visit to Ayala here which includes links to my champagne chat for all their wines.

And Champagne Gallery stock the full range of Ayala wines too including the 2010 Blanc de Blancs for $115.

5. Pierre Gimonnet Rosé De Blancs

Pierre Gimonnet Rosé De Blancs

You might think a rosé isn’t very beach-y BUT what makes this rosé champagne special is that it is actually 100% Chardonnay except for a VERY small amount of blended red wine (a tiny 6%). This is to be expected from Pierre Gimonnet, whose wines are all 100% chardonnay except for this one, and from their 28 hectares of chardonnay vines in the  Côte des Blancs (Cuis and Vertus for premier crus and Cramant, Chouilly and Oger for grand crus).

This champagne is crisp and pure, light and fresh. A very pale pink colour, the flavours are pink grapefruit and a hint of citrus zest (oranges more than lemons for me). And of course all the Côte des Blancs chardonnay brings a (slightly predictable) minerality and clarity.

At Champagne Gallery, in stock now, for $90.

What’s your fave beach champagne? Make sure you post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #happychamper #champagnefan 

Wine tasting is a subjective and personal experience. What I smell and taste will be different to what you smell and taste. It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong but I enjoy sharing my experience and would love to hear yours. Even if you respectfully disagree.

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