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Christmas Champagne Gift Guide For The Champagne Obsessed

One season, so many occasions, so many champagne choices!

The Official Bubble & Flute Champagne Guide to the Festive Season is here to help! I have done the ‘research’ to break down the options by occasion (and budget) and popped in a bunch of links to buying it all online so you don’t even have to leave your computer and your party season champs shopping (for consumption AND gifting) is done. I have included some prices which are designed as a guide (and correct as at 11 December , 2021). 

My Champagne Gift Guide For The Champagne Obsessed 

Before we talk champagne, let talk champagne gifts because buying champagne for a champagne lover can be hard #fussyasf%#&.

If you have someone in your life who is champs-obsessed, these gift suggestions make a change from actual champagne and they are bound to love them… I know I would.

Here goes the Top Five in my champagne gift guide for the champagne obsessed.

1. Anything from The Bubble & Flute Champagne Merchandise Shop

I literally started Bubble and Flute to have a champagne gift shop where the gifts are fun and affordable and a bit cheeky.

I have something for ladies and men in hoodies, tees, and workout wear across a whole range of designs.

And if you DO buy something from me, I will actually make money! It’s my way of earning some money to put back into writing my blog which I hope you love. (But if you keep scrolling I do promote more than my own wares!)



Champagne Gold

Rosé collection

2. Upcycled Champagne Candle

My Bubble & Flute upcycled candles put to good use ALL the empty champagne bottles I have collected over the years. 

I personally select all the scents for my candles which are hand-poured to give new life to and upcycle the empty bottle.

I can also customise your empty bottles to commemorate a special occasion – email me to find out more. 

3. A tour gift card with Aÿ Champagne Experience

Borders have been closed or restricted for so long, but I am still dreaming about my next trip to Champagne. Bring the champagne lover in your life one step closer to touring the region with a gift card for a sabering experience, a full or half day tour with my friend Isabelle in her lively, colourful and fun 100% electric E-Mehari.

I have toured with Isabelle and highly recommend her. 

Get your voucher here.

Ay Champagne Experience

4. Champagne Glasses

We all need something to drink our champs from and the glass really does make a difference. I have a pretty large collection of branded glassware I have bought from the houses in Champagne but the next best thing is…  

my Emperor Champagne Tulip Glasses.  Flutes are out and tulip is in. There is a tulip glass obsession in the champagne world at the moment, for good reason, they are the perfect shape to create a larger surface area at the widest part of the glass to let the champagne aromas release and then narrow to the top of the glass so it focuses the aromas and you can enjoy the smell.

These particular glasses have been designed by a lady who knows a thing or two about champagne and style, Kyla Kirkpatrick, The Champagne Dame.

$59.00 for a set of two or $199 for a set of six.

5. Serious Champagne Guides

Look at it like a champagne encyclopedia.. or  a self-contained champagne gift guide. If you really think you need a second opinion on champagne (other than my blog LOL), then here are some options.

And to be fair, these guys have a far more serious approach to their champagne, have amazing knowledge and I have learnt a lot from them and their notes.

Tyson Stelzer’s The Champagne Guide 2020 – 2021 $59.95


I hope you enjoyed browsing, sharing or shopping and I really would LOVE to hear if you buy or receive ANY of these gifts or anything else champagne-related for Christmas.

Email [email protected] or tag @bubbleandflute on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #happychamper OR #bubbleandflute

Chief Champagne Fan
PS – Please don’t forget the Bubble & Flute Champs Fan Merch Shop which I have stocked up for you in time for Christmas … a girl has to earn a living somehow.

Bubble and Flute doesn’t sell champagne nor does it receive any affiliate commission or other kind of payment for any the recommendations in this guide (other than my own products of course!). These are my genuine opinions, preferences and recommendations. 

Bubble & Flute promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol for individuals of legal drinking age in their country.


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