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Melbourne cup champagne

5 Reasons To Drink Mumm Champagne This Melbourne Cup

I did think about writing a “Top 5 Champagnes to drink this Melbourne Cup” but then I realised that was just silly! There is ONE champagne you can drink on Cup Day… the one champagne brand in Australia that is synonymous with The Spring Racing Carnival… GH Mumm.

For my international readers, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race in Australia, held on the first Tuesday of November, affectionately known as the Race that Stops the Nation. Because the entire country pretty much grinds to a halt at 3pm to watch the race.

The Melbourne Cup has been running since 1861 (which is is REALLY old for Australia!). Think of it like SuperBowl Sunday (on a work day) or the Kentucky Derby, The Royal Ascot or Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in horse racing terms.

It’s big.

So why must one pop bottles of Mumm?

I’m glad you asked.. here are five reasons!

1. Mumm is my official fave party champagne

You can read more here why Mumm is my ultimate party champagne and why my friends know to always take “an emergency bottle of Mumm” to every party. The Melbourne Cup is the party that stops the nation and if there was ever a day for an emergency bottle, it will be Tuesday!

GH Mumm
Me at Mumm vineyards in June 2018

2. We owe it to Mumm to thank them for their EPIC marquees!

Every year, Mumm does something epic at the track for the Spring Racing Carnival. Last year they parked a $2.2M motor yacht at the Maison Mumm marquee at Flemington.

This year, it’s a space ship. Not a real one (but then nothing would surprise me with Mumm!) but a big-arsed rocket ship is in place to celebrate the launch of the Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar – the first champagne bottle designed for space travel. Of course astronauts and space travellers deserve to enjoy champagne even in zero gravity.

3. Because Usain Bolt

Mumm’s C.E.O (Chief Entertainment Officer) is Usain Bolt. Bolt has been hanging out in Australia recently playing a bit of football with the Central Coast Mariners BUT just last Friday, he failed to come to terms with the team on a contract. I reckon he will be spending some time at the Cup in the Mumm Birdcage before he leaves the country… and we owe it to him to raise a toast.

4. Australia is the number one market for Mumm

Yep… More bottles of Mumm Champagne are opened in Australia than anywhere in the world. That is a cracking effort Australia, one we should raise a toast to. And why not on Tuesday?

5. #DareWinCelebrate… 

Is the official hashtag of GH Mumm Champagne. A good motto for Cup day… ’nuff said.

The winner’s podium at Maison Mumm

Hope you pick a winner! But if you’re drinking Mumm champagne, you’re already winning.

PS – Melbourne Cup Trivia, in 1998 a horse called Champagne came second in the Melbourne Cup. I’ll never forget that race because I actually tipped Champagne in my first ever trifecta bet. I picked three horses in total for the trifecta –  Champagne, Jezabeel, and Persian Punch (I was all about booze and biblical bad girls in the 90s… Jezabel and Jezabeel was close enough) and I WON!!!!!! Fingers crossed for a win again on Tuesday, it’s been 20 years, I think it’s time again xx




As always I want to know what you are drinking on Cup Day… post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute or #bubbleandflute and if it’s Mumm Champagne #DareWinCelebrate


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