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Christmas Rose

Rosé All Day! – Part III The Official Bubble & Flute Champagne Guide To The Silly Season

Look at Christmas through rosé-tinted glasses and rosé all day… family dramas, screaming kids, drunk uncles and mad aunties won’t even touch the sides if these festive rosé champagnes are on the table. My list of hot tips from budget options to budget busters.

Let’s rosé all day!

Budget options


In case you missed it, the Aubert Et Fils, Champagne Moutard and Champagne Duperrey Brut Rosé were ALL in my roadtest of champagnes under $50. 

So I won’t re-hash the details BUT I have to list them again because I think they ROCK it for $30 (Dan’s), $39 (Vintage Cellars), and $47 (Dan’s) respectively.

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé

Like the flowers that adorn their bottles, Perrier-Jouët champagne is a delicate and fresh, floral wine.  And let’s face it, the bottle looks damn pretty on the dinner table!

It’s not exactly an adventurous choice (I had said I wasn’t including many big houses) but this is a lovely, traditional rosé choice… and adventure is coming below so read on!

$88 at Vintage Cellars, it is a price point above the three above but for a rosé it is still a reasonable price. 

The blend is  50% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier and 25% Chardonnay and 12-15% added still red wine.

Jacquart Rose NV

One of my new favourites from New York Champagne Week! I loved this rosé and it is a contrast to the PJ Blason because its blend is highest in chardonnay, a hallmark for the house. 35-40% chardonnay, 30-35% pinot noir and 25-30% pinot meunier with 15-18% blended still red wine.

You may have seen Jacquart on the shelves (if not the rosé, the brut) but not knowing much about it, you might have passed it over…. but now it has my endorsement, will you try it?

The Champagne Gallery carries the rosé for $85 (and the full range of the house’s mosaique collection). Vintage Cellars carries the Brut and the Blanc de blancs which are also lovely and worth a try!

Laurent-Perrier Brut Rosé

This is the rosé champagne that I pour for red wine lovers who don’t think they like champagne and certainly not rosé. The house of Laurent-Perrier is a big brand (the 5th highest selling house) but this is a rosé with a twist. 100% pinot noir, aged on lees for five years, and made with the maceration technique. The other wines I’ve recommended here are all blended with still red wine to produce the pink colour and the fruity flavours (read more about the technique here).

The result is a stunning, fully developed champagne. This wine can handle almost any food pairing, the house even suggests (or dares) you to serve it with spicy Asian or Indian. Not offered on sale very often, but usually around $111 (when in stock) at Dan’s or Vintage Cellars or at Emperor Champagne where you can purchase this beautiful champagne in the most beautiful packaging.

 Pierre Gimonnet Rosé de Blancs 

The Pierre Gimonnet Rosé de Blancs is literally the opposite of the Laurent-Perrier. 100% chardonnay (except dash of blended red wine, about 6%) it is a clever, modern twist on a rosé that is fresh, crisp and elegant.

A grower champagne, it’s only available from specialty champs stores so if you want to surprise and wow on Christmas day, serve this as your aperitif.

A pretty good deal for such a unique and enjoyable rosé too… $90 from Champagne Gallery.

Laherte Freres Rosé de Meunier

So now we’ve seen rosés that are 100% chardie and 100% pinot noir. That leaves just one grape variety, pinot meunier. And Laherte Freres deliver us a stellar, unique 100%  pinot meunier rosé.

A grower that is getting attention for all the right reasons, Laherte Freres are trying some really exciting things with champagne. This wine is 100% Pinot Meunier (30% Maceration and 10% blended red wine) with 40% of reserve wines aged in barrels and just 2.5 g/l dosage making it lovely and dry but with a little more bite than usual in champagne (from the tannin in the skins, which in traditional champagne making we avoid but with maceration it will influence the flavour profile).

$89 from Australia’s newest online champagne specialty store, Emperor Champagne.

If you can’t find a way to rosé all day Christmas Day from this list, then I will have to do it for you 😉

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