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Champagnes under $50

Champagnes Under $50 That I Drink And Rate For The Price

I know we all get it… when you love champagne it’s not about going low on price so why write a list of champagnes for under $50? Because Christmas and New Year are expensive and hectic and sometimes you just want to pull out something cheap and cheery without lowering your standards to #notchampagne. 

It’s really not hard to find champagnes under $50. I once actually bought every bottle of champagne under $50 (except the big, well known brands) and road-tested them all and came up with my top picks – if you want to know more read my top picks for under $50 road test.

Champagnes under $50

Champagnes under $50

Half the champagnes under $50 I road-tested The other half of the champagnes in the road test of champagnes under $50

Which is how I know which champagnes under $50 I recommend… because I have tried them all! 

I rate these champagnes under $50

This list of champagnes under $50 is written from lowest to highest price, not order of my preference. But if you read right to the end, I do get a bit more personal about my top fave faves. 

If I had to pick ONE champagne under $50 that I would choose every time, I would be pick THREE (haha!)… GH Mumm for my passion for pinot (and my love for Mumm is no secret around here), Taittinger for my hot summer beach moments craving something lighter and chardie -driven, and Duperrey to rosé all day. 

All prices current for 13 December 2018.

If you are drinking champagnes under $50, post a pic of your faves and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #champagnesquad #happychamper

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