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Three Reasons Champagne Is Good For Your Health… Science Says!

On my tour of Champagne a few years ago, I listened with great interest to everything they told me at the champagne houses. And I picked up on a very interesting trend… champagne makers live for a really long time.

Here are the facts… Dom Pérignon, the ‘founder’ of champagne lived from 1638–1715. 77 years of age was a good effort back in the 17th and early 18th century when the average life expectancy was about 30. Nicolas Ruinart, the entrepreneur who launched Ruinart, the oldest house in Champagne, was born 4 April 1697 and died April 21 1769…. which was still an epic innings for the 18th century!  Madame Clicquot lived to 88… again pretty good for the 19th century.  And Madame Lily Bollinger who was born in 1899, lived until she was 78.

I used this as a convenient self-founded theory that champagne was good for you … and I have found several studies which reinforce my theory. In the interest of your health and well-being I have found three reasons champs is good for you… you’re welcome!

It may help prevent dementia!

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen this study do the rounds on Facebook.

A 2013 study from the University of Reading found that drinking 1-3 glasses of champagne a week can boost brain health. Rats in a maze who were not given champagne had an average success rate of 50% which went up to 70% with champagne. Apparently, it is down to the phenolic compounds found in the two red grape types used to make champagne (pinot noir and pinot Meunier). I knew there was a reason I’m not all that into blanc de blancs!

It’s good for your heart

For much the same reasons red wine is, the polyphenols (antioxidants) from the red grapes can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems. I didn’t need a scientific study to tell me I feel more relaxed after a glass of champs!

It’s lower in calories

When compared to most red wine, 120ml of champs has 90 calories where red wine has 100. Winning!

XX Marnie



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