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Champagne Gsatronomy

Champagne Gastronomy Tips I Stole Directly From The Champagne Maker!

I’m not sure anyone is more qualified to offer pairing advice or champagne gastronomy than the person who actually makes the wine. Champagne gastronomy is a big fancy word for ‘the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food’. (Thanks Google, I had to look it up!). And I stole these champagne gastronomy tips from Constance Delaire, winemaker for Champagne Lallier, so they are seriously good tips.

And Constance and Champagne Lallier love food almost as much as they love champagne!

“We really want to associate our wines with champagne gastronomy, so it’s always in a good place. For example, in France, we are in almost all the Michelin star restaurants. Wherever good wine and good food come together, that is where we belong!”

Oh la la – you’ve convinced me!

Food and champagne is a concept, particularly when in Australia, that we are slowly warming up to. And you don’t need to have 5-star, fancy, fine food dining… champagne goes with a lot of foods you may not have thought of.

Here are Constance’s tips that I am going to put to the taste test the next time I have friends over.

Champagne gastronomy at the heart of Champagne Lallier

 Champagne gastronomy TIP ONE 

Champagne Lallier and fresh goat’s cheese!

“The R.013 Brut, for example, if you drink it with goat cheese, very fresh cheese, it’s … wow.”

Champagne gastronomy TIP TWO

Champagne Lallier R.013 and ice-cream – YES!

“And even after dinner, you can go for it again for dessert, with ice cream. Yesterday I did ice cream with apple crumble. Just a crumble and … wow … it was just amazing.”

Champagne gastronomy TIP THREE

Champagne Lallier extra dosage with Chinese take-away (OK, maybe Constance didn’t actually say take-away…)

“With our “Série R”, we have the Extra Dosage. On this wine, we add 18 grams of sugar, but it’s still not a lot for Extra Dosage. The sweetness is very well integrated. It’s very good as well for Chinese food, for example, and most spicy food as well.”

Champagne gastronomy TIP FOUR

I think this quote proves Constance and I are on the same page. Pay particular attention to her last three words from this quote….

“I love to travel and explain how it is good quality, the aroma of this Champagne and why you have to taste Champagne Lallier. And not just be focused on big brands, because you have so many wines and Champagnes to taste so… just taste everything.”

Watch my full interview with Constance below

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