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Coteaux Champenois

Coteaux Champenois… Still Wines Made In Champagne

Did you know that champagne makers in Champagne are allowed to make still red and white wines known as Coteaux Champenois?

In comparison to the still wines you find in France from Burgundy and Bordeaux, Coteaux Champenois doesn’t have a huge following even in France. That’s because they are really very expensive and not the same quality as wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, which the French drink in preference.

The grapes they are allowed to use to make Coteaux Champenois are the same as for champagne. Because of the climate in the Champagne region, these still wines are quite light and a bit acidic but now the climate is warming up, this may start to change more. For example, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, the chef de cave of Louis Roederer, is making a Coteaux Champenois from the 2015 harvest, something he started as a global warming project (from Decanter, 2015).

I did get to try Coteaux Champenois… I enjoyed a red and a white during my degustation at Assiette Champenois. I enjoyed them but when you try them in a degustation where the next wines are the Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires 2004 and Krug Grand Cuvee, the Coteaux Champenois may have suffered in comparison.

Exports to Australia of Coteaux Champenois are very limited (if any) so you may just have to travel to Champagne to try one! (If you do, don’t forget to ask me about my Champagne Concierge offer… I can help you plan and book your trip!)

Coteaux Champenois Coteaux Champenois

So who knew they made other boozy drinks in the Champagne appellation?

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If you do visit Champagne, seek out these different options for a bit of variety and don’t forget to tell me about it in comments below or post a pic and tag @bubbleandflute #bubbleandflute #happychampers on facebook and instagram.

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