Women's T-Shirt Style Guide

I have pulled together a collection of ladies t-shirts that will suit most body shapes and styles. A lot of online shops have just one style and honestly, they are mostly a ‘unisex’ design and the fit is usually awful for women! All of my women’s tees are specifically made for women. 

I personally like a v-neck that has some shape but sits between fitted and relaxed. But because I am not you, I have included round necks, super-snug fits and relaxed fits.

I have tested everything in my collections for fit, comfort and style before adding them to my collections so please read my recommendations on each product to find the style that’s right for you. 

I will add styles and designs to the shop regularly so email me your ideas and feedback!   

Round Neck Fashion Fit

I can’t help but feel comfortable in this feminine cut tee, that has a subtle shape but is not too fitted. It’s medium weight and medium softness makes it an all-year-round casual champagne fashion staple. Classic and stylish, I especially love the classy ‘storm grey’ colour option in this range.  

Round Neck Slim Fit

 When I say ‘slim fit’, I really do mean it! This is one for the skinny minnies or if you like to flaunt your curves in a fitted tee. I wear a medium comfortably in all my range but I barely fit this style’s medium on a good day. Double-down on sexy sipping your champs in this slim-fit tee made from a soft, silky, lightweight poly-cotton fabric.    

Round Neck Organic Cotton

Simple but stylish, I love this relaxed fit tee that’s super-soft and lightweight. You will look good and feel good about wearing a tee made from 100% organic cotton (grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers). If you like a thicker fabric, try my Fashion Fit tee.  

V-Neck Relaxed Fit Recycled

Feminine, relaxed fit, easy-to-wear ladies t-shirt. Made from 100% recycled fabric, it’s the perfect eco-friendly choice, made from reclaimed material that could otherwise end up in a landfill. high quality with a comfy and casual look and feel. A V-neck option for anyone who cared about the planet. 

V-Neck Slim Fit

I love the modern slim fit and silky softness of this t-shirt… it feels dressier than a typical t-shirt and as someone who is more comfortable being over-dressed than under-dressed, it’s my personal favourite. If I am going casual in tee, I want a hint of chic-ness and this style delivers that perfectly.