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Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut And Blason Rose… Beauty And Art And A Touch Of Whimsy

Like the flowers that adorn their bottles, Perrier-Jouët champagne is a delicate and fresh floral wine.  Instantly recognisable for the stunning and spiraling spray of Japanese anemones painted on its bottles and glasses, Perrier-Jouët embraces beauty and art and a touch of whimsy in champagne.

Every time I take a sip of any Perrier-Jouët champagne I feel like I am transported to an enchanted fairytale castle where everyone is happy and everything is “princess pretty”.

But boys… please don’t be turned off by my Sleeping Beauty association. Because every Princess needs her Prince. These wines are elegant and floral, and subtle and sensual, but they hold a delicate strength and power that is surprising, touching, and well worth exploring. And if you share these wines with the one you love (or even better, you buy them for them!) they will be utterly delighted, and in turn so will you.

Tasting notes for the Perrier-Jouët Champagne

I have equal love for the Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut (NV) and the Blason Rosé (NV), the perfect springtime champagnes and I always find them a mix of light zesty fruits and gentle, sweet florals. Anytime from brunch to sunset I would gladly whip out a bottle of PJ, with or without food to accompany it.

Perrier-Jouët (who know their wines better than anyone) describe how fruit and floral notes work in their Grand Brut… “cherry plum, lemon and bergamot orange emerge first, then make way for the flowers of fruit trees, such as lime and honeysuckle. These are followed by notes of butter, madeleine cakes and vanilla sugar. Lingering notes of grapefruit, white peaches, green pears, apple trees and green hazelnuts round off the taste.”

The Blason Rosé, one of my favourite go to rosé champagnes is a little more vibrant but I still find it fresh and lively.  The Perrier-Jouët  tasting notes describe “Pomegranates, pears, apricots, blood oranges, the fragrances of mature red fruits… a juicy and generous blend that gives way to notes of biscuit, butter and pastries. The delicate character of white flowers remains throughout.”

About the wines…

The blend for the Grand Brut is 40% pinot noir, 40% pinot meunier and 20% chardonnay with 10g/l dosage.

The Blason Rosé  includes 50% pinot noir and 25% meunier,  accompanied by 12-15% blended still red wine.

You can read more on thePerrier-Jouët website… I particularly love their artistic collaborations.

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